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As we know very well that YouTube is one of the biggest social network sites in the world that allow their users to watch, download, upload and share any videos from the various sources. Here are millions of videos available on YouTube, so it might be a little bit hard to find exactly what you want and search for. So, YouTube provides a feature to search the video is called “search filters”. By use of this, you can easily search the video which you want to see and enjoy it.

This feature is like arrange the user’s result by use of their PC or mobile phone. The search filter tool will sort the searches by assessing those videos through the list of elements like Type, Upload data, Duration, Features and Sort by. Some of the people report that some features do not work and it shows you an issue like YouTube filters not working error. If you are troubled with this problem, so read this full article for instant solutions.

Cause of  YouTube filters not working:-

Sometimes it happens that YouTube managers remove violated content and graphics from YouTube. So, it tends to turn off the YouTube filter tool to save users from watching the videos. By which, it restricts the video to reach a user’s that seems YouTube filters not working.

Solutions to fix YouTube filters not working:-

Solutions will be varying with different devices. So, follow the below-given steps carefully to fix this error:

For Android user:-

If you use the YouTube app on your Android device and get YouTube filters not working, then follow the below description:

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings section by tapping on the settings icon.
  • After that, click on the Apps and choose YouTube.
  • Now, tap on the Storage and you got two options: Clear cache and Clear data.
  • So, remove the cache and open YouTube to check if it works properly.
  • If, the error still persists then go back to the Settings option and clear data and check if the error has been fixed now.

Use Google Advanced search tool:-

If you still troubled with the YouTube not working issue then use Google Advanced search tool to fix this issue:

  • YouTube users are able to specify their requirements for the search by use of the Google Advanced search tool.
  • Google Advanced search tool helps to filter your search results as per the user’s requirement.
  • Go to and search Google Advanced search to resolve YouTube filters not working issue.
  • Add site: after the video name to get this Google Advanced search tool working.
  • This tool is present at the left corner to categorize your search.
  • Once you get the result then use it.
  • After doing this, you will get two options which are All results and Any time to sort the results.
  • Now, you can see YouTube filters work properly.

In this blog, we explain YouTube filters not working issue. If you are troubled with this issue then follow all the above-mentioned solutions carefully to resolve your query. You can also call to our expert team if you have any doubt. You get a quick solution in a short time with great effort. you can contact us right now.