Fix Steam Family Sharing not Working

As you know, Steam Client has a feature that sharing enables every family member to share games without merging their account and keep them separate. Sometimes, users get that Steam family sharing not working. It will generally occur when you wrongly set the sharing games on Steam. It can also happen due to connectivity issue or software issue, that can clog the Steam Family Sharing from running. So, read this full article to fix this issue.

How to set up Steam family sharing on your PC

Most of the time, the correct procedure of set up can resolve this issue of Steam family sharing not working. Before going for any troubleshooting steps, first, go through the useful information. Follow the below-given steps:

Authorize the Steam Family sharing for all users

  • You have to focus on authorizing the shared libraries to make use of all the outstanding features of Steam family sharing. The Steam Guard has to be enabled for the corresponding user’s account to enable the sharing option.
  • Access your Steam account by typing the correct username and password. Also, ensure that you are signed in to the account that is required to share the Steam games with the family members.
  • Check the status of Steam Guard in your profile and before doing the set up make sure it is turned on. You can monitor these settings by tapping on the Account tab which is under the Settings
  • To authorize the access to another user, navigate to the Steam Settings section and search for the family So, tap on the Settings option and then select Family Library Sharing option.
  • Now, search for a checkbox of Authorize Library Sharing on the computer. Once you find, then tick on this box and also check the list of eligible accounts that you want to share your Steam Library.

Instructions to request access for the Steam games

  • First of all, check that Steam Guard is turned on for your computer and navigate to the Library section.
  • Now, you are able to see the list of games which are authorized by other Steam account holder. These users are the ones who have Steam accounts on the same computer and like to enable the Family sharing option.
  • After that, select a game from the available list and click on the Play It is a necessary step to request access to browse and play the games in the respective Steam Library.
  • Whenever a game owner receives the access request then it will appear in their email along with a link. This link is an authorization page that permits you to play the game in their Steam Library.
  • If you find that Stam family sharing not working issue then use this link to fox this issue.

 Solutions to fix Steam family sharing not working

Here are many easy and quick solutions to fix this issue. Follow the below-given steps:

Initiate a re-authorization for your shared Steam Library

If you get that unauthorized sharing of games or files is the cause behind the Steam family sharing not working then try to this method to fix this issue. But firstly, ensure that the Steam application or website works in a proper way.

  • If you are the owner of the Steam library, open the page of the Device Management on your PC.
  • Now, tap on the Manage Family Library Sharing option and follow the stepwise instruction to deauthorize your device. If you use the same Steam account on various computers randomly then select which gives the error.
  • After that, ask any family member on the shared group to make use of the Steam Library to launch any game. Whenever the borrower will try to run the game then it will generate a request link to share with the owner. Mainly it happens in the form of an authorization email with a link to access the game from user’ Stam Library.
  • open this link in your email’s inbox and authorize the computer that has sent this email. When the users receive the access code then they will be able to access the Steam Library content.
  • Now, reopen Steam and check if the Steam family sharing not working issue has been resolved successfully.

Resolve corrupted system files

If you get any corrupted files on your system then remove it to fix the problem. When you replace these corrupted system files with the new one, then fix the Steam family sharing not working issue.

Turned off the Antivirus program on computer

Sometimes antivirus running in your system can cause the Steam family not working. So, disable the antivirus until you load the Steam or update games.

Now, reboot your system and open Steam. After that, navigate to the Library section and choose the game that clogs Steam to work properly.

Right-click on the game file and tap on the properties option. After that, tap on the Local files option and click on the Verify Integrity of the Game Cache option. Now, wait for a while for Steam to verify the content in this game. You can see, Steam family sharing not working has been resolved successfully.

In this blog, we discussed to fix Steam family sharing not working. I hope, it is helpful to you. You can also call to our expert’s team if you have any doubts regarding this.