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When you try to open a game on steam and you get a message saying steam error code 80. That means you cannot play a game at this time on stream. It is a very frustrating issue. You are not the only one that suffers from issues, but many of the users suffer from this.

But, no need to be panic. Read this article to get quick fixes.

Solutions to fix Steam error code 80:-

Here are many solutions to fix this error. Follow the below steps:

Verify the integrity of the steam cache

 Here are many situations when Steam cache files get corrupted. So, verify it and remove it to fix the problem. It will compare the files which are present in your system with the latest one available on the Steam server. If files are incomplete or missing then replace them after downloading from the official server.

  • At first, launch your Steam client using administrator privileges.
  • Now, right-click on the launcher and tap on Run as administrator.
  • Go to the library which is at the top of when you enter the stream client.
  • Now, tap on the game which gives stream error code 80 and tap on properties.
  • Navigate to local files and search for the option saying verify integrity of game files.
  • Once, you find then tap on it to begin the process.
  • Now, steam will check all files one by one and also take some time, so interrupt it.
  • Press Windows key + R to open Task manager. It should pop-up the run application, so type taskmgr in the Run box.
  • Now, the task manager will open.
  • End all the stream related process starting from the process Steam client BootStrapper.
  • Now, reopen Stream using run as administrator.
  • Start the game and you can see your error will be fixed.

Check for folder security permission

 Steam doesn’t have enough write charter which may cause it to generate steam error code 80. As we know very well that every program has a need for both privileges means to read and write to work properly. If anyone of these is missing then it causes steam to clog in between the process and also raise error code.

  • At first, end all stream related processes via using the above method.
  • The default location of your stream folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.
  • Press Windows key + R to open run application. Type C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam and tap on OK
  • Go back one step to the folder program files (x86).
  • Right-click on the steam folder and tap on properties.
  • Tap on the general tab and uncheck read only check box, if it is checked.
  • Reopen Stream using run as administrator.
  • Start the game and you can see Steam error code 80 will be fixed.

Check for software conflicts

 Due to the interference of other programs, it can cause steam error code 80. So, make sure to check for any software conflicts, and perform a clean boot on your system. Here are the steps:

  • Press Windows key + R simultaneously to open the Run dialogue.
  • Now, enter msconfig and hit the enter
  • Tap on the services tab and check to hide all Microsoft services then tap on disable all and then tap on the OK
  • Now, tap on the startup option and then tap on the open task manager.
  • Right-click on each enabled startup item and then tap on disable.
  • Now, close the task manager.
  • Tap on OK
  • Now, tap on restart.
  • Once, you have finished the clean boot. Open your stream client and play games.
  • Now, you can see your problem will be fixed.

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Change your regional settings

If your system time zone is mismatched then it can cause the problem like stream error code 80. You can fix it easily.

  • Tap the Windows button and enter the control panel in the search bar. Open the control panel from the search bar.
  • Select the date and time from the list of categories.
  • Select internet time from three dots and tap on change settings.
  • Now, check the dialogue box saying Synchronize with internet time server.
  • Tap on update now.
  • Now, tap on OK to complete the settings.
  • Once the time is updated, restart stream again.
  • Now, you can see stream error will be fixed.

Conflict with data execution prevention

It may also possible that a problem of data execution prevention has a conflict with steam. It is a security feature in your windows. Data execution prevention can block and shut down program which clog your computer. Make sure with one thing that Stream never harms your system.

  • Press Windows key + R simultaneously to open the Run dialogue.
  • Type control panel in Run dialogue box. Open the control panel.
  • Scroll down to find the system and tap on it.
  • A new window will open. Select Advanced system settings that are on the left side.
  • Tap on the Advanced option and tap on the settings from the “performance area”. It will pop-up a window of performance settings.
  • After opening the settings, tap on the Data execution prevention tab. Now, select the second option saying Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
  • Tap on add which is near the bottom page.
  • Now, go to your stream directory and click on the steam folder and press OK to save changes.
  • Reopen stream and open the game which shows error, now you can see Steam error code 80 will be fixed.

You can follow all the steps you will get the solution or just call us on the tollfree number. We will fix that issue for as soon as possible.

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