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Steam is established by Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing video games. It is a Digital Distribution platform that provides easy game management. Millions of gamers use it every day.  Many times, users face the issue where an error “code 118” shows up with the message “Unable to connect to the server”. This happens when the user while tries to open the store or the this article, we will discuss about how to fix steam error code 118.

Reason of steam error code 118

some of the common reasons for this error are:

  • Blockage by Firewall: sometimes Window’s Firewall blocks the software from making contact with its servers that results in this error. Window’s Firewall identifies software that are harmful to your computer and blocks them automatically even if they are not harmful.
  • Internet is not proper: many times, the internet connection is not working properly or it is slow that cause problems while trying to connect to its database.
  • Interference of Background Applications: sometimes, a third-party application interferes with certain elements of the Steam Client and cause error code 118.
  • Virus:  Virus or malware prevents the Steam Client from functioning properly.

Methods to fix steam error code 118

Use below methods to fix steam error code 118.

Allow through Firewall

  • Press Windows +S key simultaneously.
  • Type “Firewall” in the run box.
  • Select the first option and click on “Allow an app or feature through Firewall” option.
  • Click on “Change settings.”
  • Check the options Public and Private for Steam client.

Power cycle the internet router

If you are having a slow internet speed or there is an improper configuration, then use these steps to power cycle the internet router:

  • Remove the power cord of your internet router.
  • Plug back the cord after five minutes.
  • Launch steam once the internet access is granted.
  • Now check if the problem is solved.

Disable the conflicting applications

  • Press Windows + R keys simultaneously. Run prompt will open.
  • Type “msconfig.”
  • Press Enter.
  • Click on “Services.”
  • Uncheck “Hide all Microsoft Services” option.
  • Click on “disable all.”
  • Click on “Setup” option.
  • Select “Open Task Manger” option. An application list will be there, click on it.
  • Click on “disable.” This will disable it from starting automatically when starting.
  • Repeat this process to disable all applications on the list.
  • Restart your computer. Run only the “Steam Client”.
  • If the problem is solved then start to enable the services one by one until the problem occurs again.

Scan for viruses

When the computer is infected with malware or virus, it interferes with elements of the steam software. This creates problem when you try to connect to the servers. So solve this problem, scan your system for viruses.

The above fixes are easy and quick to follow. If still you are facing any problem, then take the help of customer support. Their team of experts will help you to fix the issues you are facing. You can call on the toll-free number anytime round the clock.

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